Amazing Benefits From Precious Nature’s Gift

Amazing Benefits From Precious Nature’s Gift

“Immune system” is one of the hottest keywords in the current period. Everyone wants to find an effective way to increase the resistance of themselves and their families through nutrition from nature. However, few people know about the immune support function of a very familiar mushroom in folk medicine: Lingzhi mushroom.

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Known as a tribute only for kings and nobility, Lingzhi represents a natural, rare and precious medicine. In science, this particular mushroom is called Ganoderma lucidum– with more than 400 active ingredients that have potent immune-boosting effects; treatment of viral infections; treatment of lung-related diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, heart diseases and diseases related to blood pressure, cholesterol.

Many scientific studies have proven the special function of Ganoderma in enhancing and supporting the body’s immunity, protecting the body from harmful external elements. The beta-glucan polysaccharides in Lingzhi plays an important role in enhancing the function of macrophages, thereby supporting the immune system and increasing resistance.

In addition, Ganoderma also contains Ganoderic Acid, which supports liver function, promotes liver cell recovery and stimulates antiviral and anti-cirrhotic factors in viral hepatitis. Not only that, the active ingredient Ganodermanondiol in Ganoderma has the effect of inhibiting Melatonin synthesis, inhibiting Tyrosinase enzyme to help brighten the skin, while the active group Triterpenoid has anti-histamine, anti-allergic, anti-aging, and anti-aging effects tumorigenesis, stabilize blood pressure and regulate blood lipids.

With the great benefits of Lingzhi, combined with the current GMP-qualified line, it is an honor for Wewell to produce and promote a drink that is distilled from the most quintessential things of Linh Chi with the purpose of protecting and improve of the society’s health.


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