Amazing Benefits Of Hibiscus To Health

Amazing Benefits Of Hibiscus To Health

Hibiscus is a familiar plant that is often grown as an ornamental. However, not many people know that this plant also has the potential of curing some diseases.

Hibiscus flowers are rich in nutrients, containing acids and proteins, vitamin C and other antibiotic substances. Red artichokes seeds contain 7.6% water, 22.3% oil, 24% protein, 13.5% fiber and 7% minerals. According to some studies, the oil in red artichoke seeds has anti-fungal and helps treating skin disease. Vitamins and unsaturated fats in it also has good benefits to people’s health in terms of diet.

Hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus flowers contains a number of substances with antibiotic properties which are used as herbal remedy for cough and sore throat by taking red artichoke sepals mixed with alum sugar, and honey to create a drink used 2-3 times/day. Using hibiscus flowers regularly are also a way to prevent coughs and colds.

Hibiscus also contains many Bioflavonoidses, an antioxidant that prevents the oxidation of lipoproteins, helping to lower blood pressure. Many people with high blood pressure often drink tea made from red artichoke flowers every day to reduce blood pressure.

Hibiscus flowers

Recently, Malaysian researchers have discovered that the juice from the fresh calyx of red artichoke is very nutritious and has anti-cancer effects. In Thailand, red artichoke leaves are dried and used as a diuretic to prevent kidney stones.

Washed and drained Hibiscus flowers can be made into jam or soaked with white sugar, used to cool the liver and prevent heat rash in children.

For people wanting to lose weight, red artichoke tea is a pretty good choice because it has the effect of inhibiting amylase enzyme that can quickly destroy excess starch in the body. Regularly drinking red artichoke tea will prevent the absorption of excessive carbohydrates into the body.

Hibiscus flowers contain a lot of vitamin C, besides increasing the body’s resistance, it also has certain benefits on whitening the skin. Women should not ignore this simple way to beautify the skin by drinking red artichoke tea or red artichoke syrup every day.

Hibiscus flowers

How to marinate hibiscus syrup:

Hibiscus are bought separately for the sepals to soak in syrup, while the seeds inside can be cooked as drinking tea. Usually 1 kg of fruit separates into 0.5 kg of calyx.

The calyx is separated and washed, soaked in dilute salt water. Prepare a glass jar, avoid plastic bottles because when soaked, the plastic is absorbed into the syrup which is not good for health.

Normally, when soaked in syrup, the ratio of sugar and flowers is 1:1 (1kg of flowers soaked with 1kg of sugar). First spread a layer of sugar on the bottom of the vase, spread a layer of flowers, then another layer of sugar, and so on until the end and top with a layer of sugar. Then take the blister and squeeze it down so that the flowers do not rise up, causing mold.

Artichoke flowers are very squishy, ​​just soak them overnight and they are already half cut. At this time, it is necessary to squeeze the blister tightly according to the shrinkage of the flowers and sugar. Close the lid tightly for 3-4 weeks to be able to use. At this time, you take out the flower body to dry, sweet with sugar to make jam. Bright red water can be stored right in the bottle. Every time you use it, you can add filtered water to make a cool, refreshing drink with a very delicious taste.



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