Caulis Spatholob – A Precious Plant

Caulis Spatholobi – A Precious Plants

Since ancient times, the blood wisteria tree has been known as a medicine having the effect of curing pain, treating injuries caused by falls, strengthening tendons and bones, etc. In particular, it is very effective in the preparation of drugs munition. When cutting the rope, the sap comes out as red as blood. Therefore, it is also known by other names such as Blood Grass, Human Blood Cord, Red Widow…


Characteristics and shape: Caulis Spatholobi is a woody vine with a large and strong body. Outer bark brownish, cylindrical or flattened, cross section with 2, 3 concentric or non-concentric circles. When it is cut, red sap flows out.

Stems and young leaves have fine hairs. Leaves alternate, compound leaves consist of 5-7 or 9 leaflets, about 7-15cm long, 5-10cm wide. Petiole compound 4 – 10cm long. The central leaflets have short petioles, the two lateral leaflets are almost sessile. The central leaflets are ovate, the leaflets on the sides are slightly kidney-shaped. The leaves are green, the lower surface is lighter than the upper surface.

Flowers unisexual, growing in leaf axils. The inflorescences are club-shaped at the tops, 15-20cm long, hanging down. The plant has purple flowers with yellow spots, arranged very awkwardly.

The ovoid fruit is 8-12mm long, blue-black when ripe, has 36 seeds.

+ Plants flower in March – April, fruit in July – August

Distribution: Caulis Spatholobi grows a lot in the northern mountainous provinces of our country, such as Hoa Binh, Lang Son, Cao Bang, Bac Kan…

Flowers of Spatholobus harmandii Gagnep

Flowers of Spatholobus harmandii Gagnep

Health benefits of Caulis Spatholobi

+ The effect of ventilation, both supplementing blood gas, treating poor blood gas.

+ Treatment of cerebral ischemia, body weakness.

+ Strengthens tendons and bones.

+ Treatment of back pain, knee injuries, falls and injuries.

+ Treatment of rheumatism, tuberculosis, fatigue, dizziness, dizziness.

+ Treatment of spermatosis, leukocytosis, irregular menstruation.

Wewell hopes that the above article has given readers a brief overview of the Caulis spatholobi tree, a precious medicine in the treasure trove of traditional Chinese medicine. The herb has many health benefits. Therefore, Wewell has researched and extracted the most essence from wisteria blood to create an extremely nutritious drink product for the health of you and your family.

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