Noni Fruit – A Precious Medicine

Noni Fruit – A Precious Gift from Nature

Let’s learn about a precious fruit with many wonderful uses that nature gives you. Noni fruit is widely used by folk as a valuable medicine to enhance health and cure many diseases.

Noni Fruit’s shape…

Noni tree is also known as Indian Mulbery, Awltree, Morinde… Noni tree is about 6-8m high, smooth body, often grows wild in humid places or along the river banks and streams. The tree has many large branches, the leaves grow opposite oval, pointed at the tip. The fruit is egg-shaped, rough, about 5-6 cm long, light green when young, pink-white when ripe, with a strong and spicy smell. The flesh of the fruit has a layer of edible soft rice, in the middle there is a hard core. The kernel is about 6-7 mm long, about 4-5 mm wide, with 2 compartments containing 1 small seed.

What kind of diseases does noni fruit treat?

According to oriental medicine, noni fruit has acrid taste, supporting the kidney and colon meridians, has laxative, diuretic, blood-active, and menstrual-regulating effects. Accordingly, noni fruit is often used to treat constipation, difficulty in urinating, regulate menstruation, reduce fever and help to strengthen the immune system and resistance to the body.

Help the digestion

  • Noni fruit has the use of supporting the digestive system, diuretic, laxative, supporting the treatment of digestive disorders. In addition, noni fruit also has the effect of treating constipation, relaxing smooth muscles.

Reduce pain

  • Noni fruit has the effect of reducing pain, rheumatism, and migraine.

Support to treat cancer

  • Noni fruit has the effect of increasing resistance. Limit the growth of tumors. Can be used for patients undergoing radiation therapy.

Stabilize blood pressure

  • Noni fruit helps to reduce blood pressure, circulating blood vessels, regulating blood pressure.


  • The use of fresh noni fruit helps shiny, black hair; Helps regenerate skin to become bright white. Consistently using noni fruit every day also helps you lose weight, keep weight, and balance your body.

Support the immune system

  • Noni fruit help to eliminate toxins in the body, preventing colds and flu. If your body is weak and often sick, noni fruit has the ability to strengthen the immune system, helping to nourish the body. Moreover, this is also a medicine to treat colds, reduce fever extremely quick, and effective remedy for cough and asthma.

Weight loss

  • Drink noni juice will make you not feeling to eat, help you to lose weight effectively.

Treating wart

  • Ground young noni fruit, apply it on the wart and cover it with a bandage. Change it once a day and on the 7th day the wart will bulge out and you can remove the wart. In addition, the juice of noni fruit is very effective in treating migraines, preventing cardiovascular disease, healing wounds, and supporting inflammation. Ulcers, boils.

All above these wonderful uses of Noni fruit that Mother Nature give us. Noni fruit is extremely useful for our health, so Wewell wants to bring noni fruit closer to your daily life. Wewell will soon launch a nutritious drink made from noni fruit to serve everyone. Wewell joins hands for Vietnamese health.


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