Surprising Benefits Of Arhat Fruit

Surprising Benefits Of Arhat Fruit

Arhat fruit is a sweet, cool medicine that helps ameliorate digestion, clear heat, and eliminate toxins.  Having many therapeutic effects, this medicinal herb is used to treat constipation, bronchitis, cough phlegm, support cancer treatment, etc.,

  • Scientific name: Momordica grosvenori Swingle
  • Belong to: Cucirbitaceae

Botanical characteristics: The plant is a climbing herbaceous perennial. The trunk can be 1-3 meters long. Along the stem grows many tendrils that can click on other trees to climb. The leaves are heart-shaped, with one tip. The length of the leaves is about 10 – 20 cm, the width is about 3.5 – 12 cm. Leaves fall seasonally. The plant has bunches of flowers. Each bunch contains 2-3 flowers. The flowers have peduncles about 3-5 cm long. Petals pale yellow, thin.

Supprised Benefits Of Arhat Fruit

Arhat fruit is the part that is harvested and prepared for medicinal purposes

Medicinal materials: Arhat spherical fruit, size and diameter ranging from 5-8 cm, green color. When exposed and dried, the peel turns golden brown or dark brown, the outside is glossy and covered with a thin layer of velvet. Inside the fruit is fleshy, many seeds. The old outer shell is quite crispy, lightly squeezed by hand can break to reveal the ivory white flesh, light spongy substance. Inside the shell there are 10 filaments running down longitudinally. Seeds are round, flat, slightly sunken in the middle to form a small groove.

  • Distribution: Arhat is native to northern Thailand and southern China. If in the past, the tree mainly grew wild, but today thanks to its high economic value, arhat seeds are propagated to provide for those who need to plant in the home garden.
  • Harvesting – Preliminary processing: Arhat fruits are usually harvested in July-September every year. The old, big, firm and soundless fruits when shaken will be picked and dried for medicinal purposes.
  • Storage: After being dried, arhat fruits should be stored in a cool place. Avoid placing in a humid place that will cause the medicinal herbs to become moist, mold and bacteria infected.
  • Chemical composition: Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Glucose, Nickel, Tin and many trace elements good for health.
  • According to Guangxi Chinese Medicine Chi: This medicinal herb is sweet, cool and non-toxic
  • Uses :
    Oriental medicine believes that this medicinal herb has the effect of detoxification, heat clearing, blood circulation, laxative, expectorant, cough relief. Treatment: constipation, heat in the body, defecation, pertussis, cough with phlegm, bronchitis, pharyngitis, allergies, tuberculosis…

Modern medical research has also indicated many of its benefits on human health such as:


  • The fruit contains a lot of mogrosid – the ingredient that makes up the characteristic sweetness of the fruit. This substance has also been scientifically proven to have powerful antioxidant effects. It helps to slow down the aging process, protect the cells in the body from the attack of free radicals and prevent diseases.

 Obesity and diabetes prevention:

  • The natural sweetness in this fruit can replace sugar when processing some foods and drinks. This medicinal herb also contains a relatively low calorie content, so it is especially beneficial for people with obesity and diabetes. Regular users also reduce the risk of these dangerous diseases.
  • For centuries, traditional Chinese medicine has also been used as a treatment for diabetes. This herb works by lowering blood sugar levels, stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin. Thereby reducing the symptoms of diabetes naturally.

Internal heat reduction, anti-inflammatory, constipation treament

  • Arhat fruit is used by folk to cook drinking water to cool the body whenever there is a clear heat or constipation. In addition, this herb also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. It helps fight inflammation in the body, reducing swelling and pain in the affected area.

Cancer prevention and treatment support

  • Antioxidants in arhat have the ability to inhibit the proliferation of tumors, preventing cancer cells from spreading. Although people with cancer need to abstain from sugar, the sweetener in arhat fruit is a natural sugar, so it does not have a negative effect on cancer like artificial sugars.

 Infection prevention

  • The antibacterial effect of this fruit can replace antibiotics in cases of not too serious infections. When conducting experimental studies on patients with tooth decays and periodontal disease, the researchers found that this medicinal herb has an amazing ability to inhibit bacteria. In addition, it also helps prevent and support the treatment of candida infections.

 Energy suppliment,  fatigue reduction

  • When testing arhat juice on mice, the mice given this water could exercise for a much longer time. This is not surprising because arhat fruit contains natural sweeteners that help provides an abundant source of energy, reducing fatigue after exercise or hard labor.

Detox, digestion stimulation,  blood temperature moderation

  • Arhat fruit has cold properties to help cool the blood, support liver detoxification, and clean the intestines. At the same time, this medicinal herb is also known for its laxative effect, stimulating digestion, helping to eat more delicious.

 Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases prevention

  • Drinking water can help prevent and support the treatment of respiratory diseases such as whooping to cough, bronchitis, laryngitis, or cough. Some cases of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis using this herb also saw significant improvement in symptoms.

Hair care, skin beauty

  • Arhat fruit is favored by many people with the name of fairy fruit. The reason is because it is not only good for health, it also adds many precious vitamins and minerals to help smooth skin and nourish smooth hair.
  • Drinking arhat water has the effect of beautifying the skin, hair and preventing many diseases in the body


  • Drinking rhubarb juice for many years can help prolong life and improve overall health.
  • Above is some information and how to use medicinal herbs of arhat fruit.
  • During using it, you should have a diet suitable for the disease, and at the same time build a healthy lifestyle to achieve the best effect.
  • Arhat is also an indispensable ingredient in Wewell Cinnamomum drinks

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